2007 EV's
Phoenix Motorcars
Phoenix Motorcars

Phoenix Motorcars manufactures zero-emission, freeway-speed fleet vehicles. It is an early leader in the mass production of full-function, green electric trucks and SUVs for commercial fleet use. Based in Ontario, California, Phoenix Motorcars uses the NanoSafe™ (View PDF) battery, a non-toxic, all-battery solution to eliminate noise and toxic vehicle emissions that contribute to air pollution. In late 2007, a limited number of vehicles will be released to selected consumers in California – with full release scheduled in 2008. Phoenix Motorcars is producing mid-sized sports utility trucks (SUTs) and SUVs.

Phoenix Motorcars Advantages:
* Zero emission
* Charge Range: 160+ Km (100+ miles) per charge
* Speeds of 153 Km/h (95 m.p.h.) carrying five passengers and full payload
* High torque: 0 to100 Km (0-60 m.p.h.) in 10 seconds
* Long battery pack life:400,000 Km. (250,000 miles) / 12+ years
* Off board charger: 10 minutes to recharge to 95% capacity

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Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors' headquarters are located in San Carlos, California. Tesla Motors' first production vehicle, the Tesla Roadster, is a performance sports car. Prototypes were introduced to the public in July 2006, and the first production models are planned for fall 2007. Demand was high for the first 'Signature One Hundred' Roadsters, which sold out in less than three weeks. According to a note on the company's web site, as of November 2006 the full run of the "2007 1/2" model have been sold out, constituting 220+ cars. As of March 15 2007, over 350 Tesla Roadsters have been reserved.Telsa Roadster Advantages:

* Zero emission
* Charge Range : 320 Km (200 miles) per charge
* Speeds 0f 210 km/h (130 mph)
* 0 to 100 Km. in 4 seconds
* Full charge in only 3.5 hours
* Battery lifespan 160,000 Km

Tesla is also currently working on an unannounced 4 person sedan, codenamed "White Star", which may be introduced in 2009 as a 2010 model. It is being designed as an alternative to the BMW 5 Series, with an estimated price of $50,000-70,000. [2] White Star is to be built in a new plant in New Mexico

Future plans include a more affordable third model. The development and production of this unnamed model will be funded by profits from the White Star sedan.

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AC Propulsion Inc.
AC Propulsion Inc. is a California Corporation founded in 1992. Planning for what would become the started in 2003 after the AC Propulsion tzero demonstrated the potential of Li Ion batteries. AC Propulsion eBox are currently being sold by orders.
eBox AC Propulsion Advantages:

* Zero emission
* Charge range: 190+ Km (120+ miles) per charge
* Speeds of 152 Km/h ( 95 m.p.h.) carrying five passengers
* Acceleration 0 to 100 Km/h (0 to 60 m.p.h.) in 7 seconds
* Full charge: 2-5 hours

AC is presently accepting orders.

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Th!nk Nordic 
Th!nk Nordic

Th!nk Convertible
TH!nk Convertible

Th!nk Nordic was originally founded December 1991 in Oslo, Norway. The new TH!NK city has ABS brakes, dual airbags, and meets all European and US safety requirements. It has a range of 170 km (106 miles), a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) and has comfort and convenience features such as air conditioning, power steering, sun roof, electric windows and mirrors, and more.

The Norwegian company, which plans to produce a line of all-electric sedans, produced its first car in February 2007, said company President Jan-Olaf Willums at the Cleantech Forum taking place in San Francisco Think will start mass producing summer 2007. The cars will first be sold in Norway and England in the fall of 2007 and then come to the U.S. in 2008. Th!nk is the first company among the new crop of carmakers to market a mid-range, general-purpose electric car

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French Venturi
French Venturi
Automobiles Venturi is a French manufacturer of sports cars. Venturi Automobiles was created as France's answer to Italy's Ferrari
French Venturi Advantages

* Zero emission
* 250 Km. per charge
* Speeds 0f 160 Kms.
* 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 m.p.h.) in 5 seconds
* Battery lifespan of 250,000 Km.

The Venturi Fetish is currently being sold in Europe, Japan and California USA, but for now Venturi plans to build only 25 of these sports cars.

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Fiat Doblo - Micro Vett
Fiat Doblo – Micro Vett
DOBLO': most appreciated MPV all over Europe, now available in most evolute electric traction version: Lithium-ion batteries guarantees low weight and high performances: 120 km/h speed, 150 kms range in city, unaltered payload capacity. All original qualities of Doblo are saved to allow all use without pollution and with incredibly low acoustic emissions: Doblo Electric is available in all the variants of traditional 2-5 seats

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Fiat Panda Electricca
Fiat Panda Electtrica
Ecolori is an Italian based company that is now selling an electric version of the five door Fiat Panda sedan which they call the EnerMove View pdf.
It appears that the car has a 190V pack of Zebra batteries that give the car a top speed of 110 kph and a claimed range in city driving of 120 Km and a 135 km at a constant 50 kph. The car will accellerate from 0 to 50 kph in 7 seconds. The car comes with a 220V charger and also features regenerative braking.

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Mullen GT L1X - 75 Electric
Mullen GT L1X-75 Electric
Hybrid Technologies, Inc / Mullen Motor Company
Mullen L1X-75 AC Advantages:

* Zero emission
* 160+ Kilometers per charge ( 160 miles )
* Speeds over 193 km/h (120 m.p.h.)
* Acceleration 0 to 100 k.p.h. in mere 3.1 seconds
* Full charge: 8 hours

Hybrid Technologies has been working for years on the L1X-75 GT and plans to market it first to the wealthy in, the United Arab Emirates and the US. If you haven't put your name in for one of them, you won't get your hands on one until 2008.
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Smart EV
Smart EV
Smart for 2 EV

The Smart EV is about twice as efficient as the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle or the gasoline combustion vehicle. With an efficient electric engine and a powerful Zebra battery, the smart fortwo has a range of no less than 110 kilometres with a fully charged battery – more than enough for most trips in town. The battery of the smart ev (electric vehicle) can be charged from 20 to 80 per cent in four hours. No gear changing is necessary, apart from “forward” and “reverse”. The maximum speed is limited to 120 km/h

About 200 Smart for2 EV are leased to selected corporate customers in London since November 2006. Smart announced that they might get into the European Market next year but not concrete news have been published. Request Smart to bring the EV version into the market (View PDF)

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Parade is a ground-up MPV model embodied with a new EV platform created by a paradigm shifting of ideas and advanced technologies at ATT R&D from Korea. Parade provides a generous interior within a compact body, accommodating four adults comfortably. Each of the two rear seats can be individually folded and removed to carry more cargo.

Parade's drive motor is located between the rear wheels and houses a large battery compartment underneath the passenger's. This unique design enhances the safety and dynamic performance of the Parade. Speed of 110 Km/h with a range of 240 kilometers (EV150).

The All-aluminum body of the Parade is not only recyclable but its rigid strength enhances safety. Aluminum alloys are used in the suspension and brakes, contributing to its quality drive. Parade will be offered at a MSRP of around US $20,000 .The Parade features safety and comfort, including dual airbags and climate control

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Lightning GT
Lightning GT

In 2006, The Lightning Car Company set out to develop electric technology for a luxury British sports car with a view to creating a super car with outstanding presence, power & performance. Powered by NanoSafe™, the electric Lightning GT, it's features are impressive:

* Ultra smooth 100% electric power (700+bhp) immediately from zero rpm
* 10 minute charge time for over 400 Km. range (GTSE model)
* Uncompromising performance with 0-100 Kph in less than 4 seconds (GTS model)
* State of the art NanoSafe™ battery system and Hi-Pa Drive™ electric motor technology
* Full regenerative braking so the battery receives charge every time you slow down, travel downhill or simply coast
* Commanding presence of carbon fibre/Kevlar hand-crafted bodywork
* Clean technology means no congestion charge or road tax and the ultimate A grade green rating
* Phenomenal economy up to 10 x cheaper to run than gasoline
* Safer with no large fuel tank, thermally stable batteries and a bodywork structure similar to that used in F1 to protect the driver
* Luxury spec. interior – incorporating sat nav, ipod interface and virtual engine sound

The Lighting Car Company in England is presently taking orders. Lighting GT UK http://www.lightningcarcompany.com

Kewet – Budy from Norway

Manufacturer: ElBil NORGE, Norway . Vehicle type: 3 seater. Speed: up to 80-90 km/h depending on battery technology 0-50kmph: 7 seconds . Range: 50-100 km depending on road conditions, temperature and the driver, li-ion batteries up to 150 km Available now in Norway

The Electrum Spyder
The Electrum Spyder is an exciting 2 passenger convertible all electric freeway flier. Powered by a 300 vdc system, the Spyder provides an effective range of up to 240 kilometers on a full charge using nickel zinc batteries, standard in all their vehicles. As with all of our Electrum series the Spyder can be upgraded to Lithium Ion batteries when available with a range of up to 480 kilometers on a single charge.

Universal Electric Vehicle Corp. and designer of the Spyder, about the car and the attitude of UEV in today's market . UEV is shooting to produce between 100 and 200 vehicles in the first year (they will start to be available in Summer 2007) from their California base. Like Tesla Motors, UEV is talking about a lower-priced sedan version of the EV in a few years. For now, we'll have to enjoy the sleek sights of the Spyder.
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