Welcome to the Campaign for Electric Vehicles, a Canadian based, not-for-profit campaign to promote the uptake of zero emission vehicles.
Our aims are to:

   * Raise awareness about Electric Vehicles (EV's)
   * Demonstrate that technology for highway-capable EV's already exists
   * Demonstrate that demand exists for highway-capable EV's
   * Request our Government to pave the way allowing consumers the choice of buying EV's
   * Encourage EV Car Manufacturers to bring Electric Vehicles into Canada
   * Encourage other Car Manufacturers to make highway-capable EV's
   * Campaign for government grants towards EV industry in Canada
   * Encourage the installation of charging points for EV's

Recommended movie: Who killed the electric car?

Why not call Movie Theatres and ask them when they're showing this film? Or rent a copy from your local Video Store.

We value your input. If you would like to help us with the content of any part of this site, or if you have
any comments or suggestions, please e-mail us at info@evcanada.org

So far 248 Canadians have taken action. Please so we can all have the choice, as consumers, to buy EV's

Take a look at the Electric Vehicles available today EV's of today
Electric Vehicle Mercedes A Class EV

Electric Vehicle Maya 100

Electric Vehicle Mitsubishi i MiEV

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